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Lon Keely
Managing Partner

I was born in Flint and lived on the east side until we moved to Rockford in 2017. My wife, Tracy, and I have been married for over 22 years, and we have two kids-Caleb who graduated from Rockford in 2019 and Ella who will be graduating in 2022. Whenever I am not at work, I like to attend U of M football games, attend any type of live music event, and go wine/spirits tasting with my wife. Also, every Sunday in the fall and winter since about 1973, I've gotten my heart ripped out watching the Detroit Lions, and I will continue to do so until...

I started my automotive career as a salesman in 1996 but moved to management and worked my way through the National Automobile Dealers Association Academy in 2001. In fact, I was at school in Washington D.C. on 9/11 and have strong memories of being near the Pentagon on that day. I got my start with the Graff Family of Dealerships in Mt. Pleasant where I managed the Chevrolet and Buick, GMC, Cadillac stores.

When the opportunity arose for me to buy into the company, it was serendipitous that the dealership location was in Rockford because it's where we made our home. What makes this business venture special is that our business and our home are located in the same town. Many things are important to me as a "hometown" family business: First, that the dealership has a personal connection to the place we do business. My face is the one you will see on the billboards; my face is the one you will see in the dealership, and my face is the one you will see out and about the area supporting the shops, restaurants, and businesses of Rockford and Cedar Springs. Second, that we do business as if our customers are our friends and neighbors--because they are. While we have the strength and integrity of the Graff organization that has been doing business since 1914 behind us, we are, technically, your local "mom and pop" business, and we depend on this business for our living and have a vested interest in this community. I couldn't be happier with the staff I have inherited from the prior owner and the ones I've brought along with me. We have a great group of people and lots of great things to come. I'm excited about the future and welcome you to stop in, introduce yourself, and get to know me and the way I do business.


Derrick Meyer
General Sales Manager
(616) 884-5899

I have been in the car business for 20 years and have been married to my beautiful wife Heidi for 17 of those years. I got my start in Saginaw and moved west in 2012. I've worked all over the state: Saginaw, Big Rapids, and Rockford to name a few. What I love about this business is the ability to form relationships with people. I've met some very interesting people, and I've formed lots of friendships from this business. I feel a sense of ownership at this location, and I continue to feel that sense of ownership and involvement-even more so with the Graff organization. Family is important to me, and even though I spend a lot of time at the dealership, I am devoted to my wife and my four amazing kids: Cody (21), Kailyn (20), Bianca (12), and Ruby (4). I can often be found on the dunes or trails off-roading with my Jeep, organizing multiple Jeep events, and DJing events. 

Christine Bina
Business Development Manager



Caleb Keely
Sales Associate/Delivery Specialist

Hi, I'm Caleb. I grew up on the east side of the state but graduated from Rockford High School after moving to Rockford. I was a hockey goalie and also played lacrosse and tennis during my high school career. I've been in the car business my whole life really. I grew up working on car lots. I've detailed cars, changed oil, rotated tires, and began working in sales and delivery in 2021. If you like to complete your purchase online and have it delivered to you; I'm the guy for you. Outside of work I hang out with my family and friends and am interested in anything sports--college and pro.

Austin Lee
Sales Associate

Hi, I'm Austin. I grew up in Rockford and graduated from Rockford High School where I played hockey for the Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association. I've been in the car business since 2019 and am excited about my career in sales. In my spare time, I like to golf, woodwork, and learn anything I can.

Tom Myers
Sales Associate

I am originally from Lowell but now live in Reed City. I have been selling Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram vehicles since 2012. I originally worked at a dealership in Big Rapids but joined my current location over a year ago. I truly enjoy helping my customers--talking to them to find out what they really want in a vehicle--and then being honest about what I can do to help them get it. When I am not at work, I spend time on my carpentry, spend time with my daughter often at her softball games, and enjoy time with my friends.

David Pope
Sales Associate

I was a career long-haul truck driver and loved all the sights I got to see all over the United States. The negative of that job was being away from my family so much. Being close to my family is important to me, so I decided to make the career change to automotive sales and am excited to be working with the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram product lines. When I'm not at work, I am either hunting and fishing with family and friends. I also have been performing as a drummer since I was 13 years old. I'm currently with two bands: Top Shelf which is a top hits type of band, and Tipsy Duo which is acoustic.



Tom Miller
Service Department Manager

I grew up in the Detroit area but moved to Traverse City and then settled in Rockford in 2019. My family is most important to me. I enjoy spending time with my kids--Cody (21), Taylor (26), and Brittany (37) and my four grandchildren. I have been in the car business for 35 years as of 2021. That's a lifetime. Every day in the service department gives me something new: new challenges and new people. I love being of service to others whether that be helping customers that come in to the service department or training up a young person in the areas of auto mechanics and helping them realize their dreams. 

Sarah Orange
Service Advisor

Alicia Kohn
Service Advisor



Alan Smith
Parts Manager



Melissa Fazzini
Office Manager

Shelly Edmonds
Office Assistant Cashier

Tracy Keely
Community Relations Director

I am originally from the east side of Michigan--born in Warren but raised in Lapeer where I was a senior high English teacher for 25 years. My husband, Lon, and I are "almost" empty nesters! It's hard going from being a "hockey mom" and "cheer mom" to being on our own so much! So, we got a puppy-an English Cream Retriever named Oberon-on top of our other pets: a cat named Kitty, a chihuahua named Joey, and a pug named Bill who recently passed away but will always be in my heart. 
I have fallen in love with Rockford, this whole area, since we moved here in 2017: the beauty of nature and the opportunities to experience it, the friendly proprietors of unique shops and delicious restaurants, the myriad of multigenerational community events, the beautiful decorations in town as the seasons change. And the people. To be completely honest the people have made all the difference. My teens were unsure of leaving all they knew until some amazing staff and coaches from the Rockford Schools went out of their way to welcome them and connect them with activities and friends. I feel honored to call Rockford my home. 
I handle our social media accounts at Graff CDJR and am the person you contact for involvement in the community: scholarships, sponsorships, events, etc. I split my work-time between the store and home.  
In my spare time, I love to read, write, garden, chase my "beast" of a dog around the yard, and spend time with friends and family. Thank you for considering our dealership for your business!